Charity Dinner To Raise Fund For Refugee Children

Soroptimist International Johor Bahru Learning Centre 🌷

We are an active NGO based in Johor Bahru : our aim at building a better world through Awareness, Advocacy and Action.

Since 2008 we started for the Rohingya Refugee Community a school and up to date we have 140 children in Kota Tinggi and Kulai. As we are self funding – we need grants to up keep the schools for rental/school materials/utilities. Most of the children comes from family with limited income, we need to provide them transport whereby its for their safety as refugees they are most venerable people of concern.

With any amount granted to the schools will help the community to educate their children to support their family in the future. We seek your good help and should you need any other information, please do not hesitate to write or call us. Thank you 😊

Source: Facebook