Hands-On IoT Workshop with Arduino & Android – [Johor Bahru]

The rapid growth of Internet-of-Things (IoT) is changing the world. What once was only possible for big companies is now available for you.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build your own IoT device based on Arduino and Android development.


This is a hands-on workshop, where you’ll learn how to create a Bluetooth remote or monitoring device, following a step-by-step learning structure.

This includes an in-depth introduction to Arduino hardware and lessons covering up to an intermediate level of programming. Students will be exposed to MIT App Inventor, to create apps without prior experience.


What You’ll Learn:
You’ll learn about IoT from ground-up and move into hands-on programming and practically building your own IoT Bluetooth device.

– Arduino Programming
– Bluetooth AT Command Configuration
– Arduino Hardware Control and Sensor Reading
– Android App Development with MIT App Inventor
– Data Conversion from Arduino to Android App
– Bluetooth Control Hardware and Deliver Sensor Data


Hardware parts & electronics is included

You’ll also receive every hardware parts and electronics needed to follow this workshop when you register.

– Original Arduino UNO Board
– HC-05 Bluetooth module
– 1 x Servo motor
– Ultrasonic Sensor
– 4 units of 8 x 8 LEDs Matrix
– Other necessary basic electronic parts.


Your Instructor:

John is an instructor in the Maker Movement, who excels at making complicated things easy to understand. With experience brought in from his role in engineering in different fields from mechanical, electrical and manufacturing, he brings vast experience in IoT.


Content Of This Workshop?

Class 1: Introduction to Arduino
– Basic Arduino Programming
– Digital Read and Write
– Digital Button

Class 2: Introduction of Analog Input and Output
– Analog Read and Write
– Basic Analog Input and Sensor
– PWM Output

Class 3: Serial Communication
– Serial Write and Read
– Serial Plotter
– How to use Serial Monitor to debug

Class 4: Build Mobile App with MIT App Inventor
– Introduction of MIT App Inventor
– Designer View and Block Editor
– Build Basic UI App

Class 5: The First Contact!
– Send data from Mobile App to Arduino via Bluetooth
– Control Digit Output
– Project: Make a Basic Bluetooth Remote Control LED Light

Class 6: Analog Control via Bluetooth
– The Slider Bar value
– Project: Make a Basic Remote Control Dimming LED Light

Class 7: Send Sensor Data
– Data conversion
– Read Potentiometer and Ultrasonic Sensor data
– Project: Ultrasonic Rangefinder app

Class 8: Servo Control App
– Apply Servo Library
– Project: Servo Control App

Source: TheLead