Malaysia welcomes more FDIs from Austria, says Dr M

VIENNA: Malaysia welcomes more foreign direct investments from Austria, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

At a joint press conference with Austrian leader, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at the Federal Chancellery, he hoped his visit would help intensify bilateral and economic relations between the two countries.

With 860-million-euro worth of Austrian investments per year and 70 Austrian companies operating in Malaysia, Dr Mahathir said he hoped the volume would increase especially in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Earlier, Kurz, who spoke first during the brief press conference said as the youngest leader in the world at the age of 32, he was honoured to meet Dr Mahathir, the oldest and most experienced leader in the world.

“As the youngest leader, I have much to learn from him,” he said before handing over the prime minister to the press.

He said, “We know Austria has some good industries and companies which in the past have provided Malaysia with equipments to be used in hospitals. The cable cars in Langkawi also used Austrian technology,” he said.

“We welcome more foreign direct investments from Austria. We know that Austria is good in technology. So far, the trade volume is not big. But substantial. We hope to improve the volume,” he said.

He also pointed out that Austria would be a good market for Malaysian products.

Touching on tourism, Dr Mahathir said many Malaysians, especially music lovers, have visited Austria and hoped Austrians would do the same.

He said although his trip was to attend an anti-corruption agencies conference, it was “good” to have the bilateral meeting.

Dr Mahathir, who arrived yesterday from London, is set to share the country’s efforts in curbing corruption with the international community at the 10th General Conference and Annual Meeting of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) tomorrow.

He will deliver a keynote address at the conference titled “15 Years of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, Accomplishments and Prospects”.

He is also scheduled to deliver a lecture, themed “Fighting Corruption in Malaysia: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives” at an event organised by the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), here.

The conference gathers political leaders, including heads of government and anti-corruption agencies as well as practitioners to exchange views and promote measures on ways to prevent and combat corruption, support international cooperation and technical assistance as well as promote integrity, accountability and proper management of public affairs.

The keynote address marks the first appearance of Dr Mahathir at the Vienna International Conference (VIC). The prime minister’s last visit here was in 1985.

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Source: NST