Winning idea included in Unicef’s manifesto

“I presented our school manifesto “Kindness begins with us” and convinced them that kindness doesn’t require money in order to be spread,” said Saiful, 20.

“They agreed, and we fine-tuned the idea together so that it can be adopted by schools around the world.”

The same kindness project had last year earned SMK Sanzac, which formerly had a reputation as a “gangster school”, the “Malaysia’s Kindness School” title.

The #StandTogether competition was part of a campaign initiated by R.AGE and property developer SP Setia to prevent bullying through kindness.

“Following the school’s participation in the National Kindness Week competition, I am proud to say that we had zero bullying cases last year,” Saiful said.

Saiful was selected to be among the more than 100 youngsters from around the world to draft a global manifesto calling on world leaders to end violence in schools.

The #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto was presented to education ministers from all countries at The Education World Forum in London last month.

“This worldwide youth manifesto sent them (the ministers) a clear message: where there is fear, there is no learning,” said Unicef Representative in Malay­sia Marianne Clark-Hattingh.

Among the highlights in the manifesto include the need for legal protection at schools, clear rules on student behaviour, trained teachers and counsellors to respond to students and environments that promote diversity and peaceful coexistence.

“It’s wonderful to see how given the right opportunity and environment, children like Saiful can grow up to be responsible young citizens who are able to represent their country overseas,” said Clark-Hattingh.

“Saiful has made his family, community and country proud, and is an example to us all.”

For more information on the #StandTogether campaign and the Kindness Competition, go to or for schools outside Malaysia.

Source : TheStar