Whimsical Watercolor Floral Wreath

This is a special CzipLee, Black Milk Project and Me books Asia collaboration workshop.

In this class, we will be exploring a modern watercolor technique in painting a floral wreath with a controlled technique in painting.

We will be learning:
• Step-by-step instruction in sketching the flowers and wreath composition (Sketching guide booklet & tracing templates are provided)
• Watercolor brushwork in pulse and precision practice, glazing, layering, and basic color mixing
• Wei Tieng’s style in whimsical and abstract realism by concentrating on controlled color blending, value shifts, and depth.
• Tips and tricks on finishing touches that make your painting *pop*!

All materials will be provided on sharing basis during class. If you wish to bring your own materials, do feel free to do so.

* This class may get messy, we advise that you do not wear light colors

How can I contact the organizer?
Feel free to email us at workshops@artmakr.com or Whatsapp/call us at +60 12-662 6073. If you need someone to replace your seat on the day of the workshops, please inform us at least 2 working days in advance.

How can I know if my seat is confirmed?
Slots are only confirmed once full payment has been made.

Are there minimum age requirements to participate in the event?
We recommend that students be at least 10 years of age.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
There is ample parking available inside and outside the mall

What if I am late or I can make it for the class?
Please try to be punctual to the workshop so as not to inconvenience other participants.
In the case that you are late to arrive at the workshop or unable to attend the workshop due to any circumstances, we will not be obliged to wait for you to arrive to start the workshop, nor provide you with a refund. However, we will leave the workshop kit at CzipLee for you to collect at your convenience.

About the Instructor
There is unprecedented enthusiasm among the community today for re-discovering their inner-child creativity. Black Milk Project aims to be the entrepreneurial springboard for both art enthusiasts and local artists & crafters alike – a platform for collaboration, experimentation and conversation. We aim to provide a space for inspirations, ingenuity, curious imaginations and limitless possibilities.
Founded by Wei Tieng in 2013, Black Milk Project is her creative playground where all imaginative friends come alive and rainbow unicorns fly! An illustrator, a designer, a dreamer, a maximalist dressed as minimalist, a child of God, and a mother who struggles to cook dinner all rolled into one. Feeds on and breathes creativity with a wide-eyed wondrous view of a whimsical world, lives to juxtapose visual elements and imaginary friends in bringing fun and creativity to Black Milk Project!

Source: Facebook