School Holiday Workshop: Fun STEAM Learning with Adoughrable

Adoughrable is coming to Johor Bharu this Raya holiday! A week-long from 1st June 2019 – 6th June 2019, there will be lots of Interactive activities revolving the Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Mathematics based on 6 interesting occupational themes such as Scientist, Architecture, Engineering, Artist, Chef, and Astronaut. Children of 4 – 9 yo, albeit all are welcome to join us in this exciting adventure.

Each session, children get to enjoy hands-on explorations with materials provided and enjoys interactive storytelling sessions. They will also bring home their beautiful creations to further explore with the family.

Event Schedule:
1st June 2019 – 6th June 2019
Session 1: 10.30 am – 12.30pm
Session 2: 2 pm – 4pm

Each session of 120 minutes includes:
Registration / Free and easy
Circle time & introduction
Demonstration and introduction of simple concepts
Hands-on explorations & creation
Presentation of masterpiece

1 June – 2 June:
Little scientist & Little Astronaut
Children get to learn interesting science facts by hands-on experiments and making cool projects with age-appropriate ideas

3 June – 4 June:
Little architecture & Little engineer
Children get to explore and build like a little architect and engineer with simple material

5 June – 6 June:
Little artist & little chef
Children get to create like an artist and discover the science behind cooking and more.

Source: Facebook