Sultans of Science Fair 2019


The future Ibn Sina who laid the foundations of Medicine, Al Khawarizmi the founder of Algorithm and Abu Al Firnas who preceded the Wright brothers in flight starts here!

Our biennuel signature Science event, the ‘Sultans of Science – FOOD REVOLUTION’ 2019 is officially launched today!

Kudos to our Maths and Science Department headed by T Aida and her sidekick T Nadia a well as the SOS organizing committee for planning and organizing this spectacular science extravaganza.

This year with the theme ‘FOOD REVOLUTION’ our students:

1. will be introduced to the process of our food “from the farm to fork”
2. will be taught sunnatic food based on “halalan toiyiban” and how to eat healthy
3. will be doing a study visit to the factories
4. will pete against each other in a ‘green’ Battle Kitchen competition
and many many more fun but educational events and programs.

To the scientific discoveries for the Ummah!


Source: Faceboook