#TECH: Celebrating Saloma’s legacy

IF you use Goolge today, you’ll see a doodle on Malaysia’s songstress Saloma.

A trend-setter of Malaysian entertainment from the late ’50s through the early ’80s, Saloma recorded over 500 songs, and through her charismatic film work, paved the way for future generations of female actors in the country.

Saloma was also married to entertainment icon Tan Sri P. Ramlee, and the legendary power couple forever altered Malaysian entertainment through music and film. Sporting her signature coiffed hairdo and inimitable clothing (much of which she sewed herself), she starred in movies throughout the ’60s and released albums for the rest of her life.

Clicking on the doodle, you can check out specially curated Saloma playlist with some of her notable hits such as ‘Bila Larut Malam’, ‘Di Manakan Ku Cari Ganti’ and ‘Perwira’.

Source: NST