#TECH: Tackling security threats in automotive industry

THE automotive industry has been experiencing an increase in cyber attacks recently.

The focus has moved on from the security of embedded devices to security of vehicles.

And as the result of the growing number of attack techniques, new regulatory requirements are being introduced for manufacturers to follow in order to stay protected against these attacks.

Responding aptly to this trend, Kaspersky has introduced a tailored threat intelligence (TI) reporting tool for organisations working in the automotive industry.

“With the growing number of technologies being used in modern vehicles, it is important to not only comply with the upcoming regulatory requirements, but to also have information about all possible threats – from electronic control unit vulnerabilities to attacks on vehicle-to-everything components,” said Kaspersky’s Transportation System Security head, Sergey Zorin.

Previously available for a selected range of customers, the company’s TI reports provide car manufacturers with in-depth analysis of industry-specific security threats and identify information that could be utilised by malefactors to develop attacks on vehicles, connected vehicle infrastructure and other vehicle-related systems.

The service will give much help for organisations ranging from vehicle manufacturers to suppliers to stay updated on relevant security issues that may influence the automotive industry, and allows them to take appropriate remediation steps in a timely manner.

Designed to identify existing and emerging automotive-related threats against in-vehicle components as well as connected vehicle infrastructure, the tailored service will provides complete report, including an overview and analysis of technological trends related to cyberattacks in the automotive industry, such as cyber-incidents, recent security studies, conferences, talks, community forums, as well as information on potential attack vectors on the customer’s vehicle back-end and services infrastructure.

“By providing relevant threat intelligence, we do our part in helping car manufacturers manage these concerns. Thanks to Kaspersky’s tailored TI reporting, organisations are not only given information about the latest cyberthreats but they also receive specific details about how such threats could impact them,” said Zorin.

The main service deliverables are the report with a high-level executive summary, threat descriptions and recommendations, as well as notifications on high-risk activities and vulnerabilities tailored for the OEM.

Kaspersky said if the TI report finds a threat that needs to be resolved urgently, customers are notified immediately.

“We continuously work to enhance our TI service so manufacturers have enough time to mitigate any potential risks that may harm their customers or manipulate their technology,” said Zorin.

Source: NST