FGV’s cash crop, freshwater fish farming start yielding

KUALA LUMPUR: FGV Holdings Bhd has reinforced its agrifgood business after piloting its cash crop projects involving pineapple, watermelon, banana and freshwater fish farming.

Group chief executive officer Datuk Haris Fadzilah Hassan said the cash crop planting projects, via FGV Plantations Malaysia Sdn Bhd, were to optimise the use of 15,000 hectares of land allocated for oil palm replanting each year.

The activities would also preserve soil texture and fertility while improving the control of pests and diseases, he added.

“Apart from the side income benefits during the replanting season, FGV has the opportunity to expand contract farming activities to meet local market demand.

“FGV also involves farmers from the B40 group in the area, and channels various support and assistance to them,” Haris Fadzilah said in a statement today.

The group said more than 430,000 MD2 pineapple trees had been planted in seven phases at FGV’s Maokil 7 Estate in Johor since November 2019.

FGV has targeted to produce 188 tonnes of MD2 pineapples in 2021.

The project received support and advisory services from the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (MPIB).

This included the supply of 200,000 MD2 pineapple seedlings through the MPIB Premium Programme.

MPIB deputy director general (development) Mohd Khairuzamri Mohd Salleh said it had provided pineapple management courses to FGV Plantations staff and monitored crop development to support the effort closely.

FGV selected Krau 4 Estate in Pahang for the watermelon planting project.

The project began in July 2020 and had produced 43 tonnes of watermelons in November 2020.

The project is likely to be expanded with watermelon production expected to increase to 80 tonnes in August.

FGV also worked on a Cavendish banana planting project intercropping with coconut plantations at its Paloh Estate in Johor.

FGV aims to produce 150 tonnes of Cavendish bananas a month by 2021 for the local and Singaporean markets.

In Sabah, Nipah bananas have been cultivated at Ladang Sahabat 21 with expected yield of 20 tonnes this year.

FGV also embarks on freshwater fish farming projects such as Tilapia, Silver catfish (Patin) and Sultan fish (Jelawat) at its Nenering 2 Gerik Estate in Perak.

It has targeted a return of RM450,000 for a single harvest every five to eight months depending on the type of fish farmed.

Source: NST