Pampers launches smart diaper to track babies’ routines

As homes, cars, and phones get smarter and more connected, Pampers demonstrated that diapers can, too. The Procter & Gamble-owned company introduced the world to Lumi, a connected baby care system.

The all-in-one system consists of an activity sensor that attaches to specially-designed Lumi diapers, a corresponding smartphone app for iOS and Android, and a video monitor.

The activity sensor lets parents know when their baby’s diaper is wet by sending an alert to their phone via the application. To outperform Huggies’ smart diaper announced in January, the Lumi sensor actively tracks a baby’s sleep patterns, as well.

In fact, everything from feeding schedules, diapering, sleep routines, and key milestones can be tracked on the app. Additionally, “Lumi offers content tailored to your baby from The Wonder Weeks and our team of baby development experts, to help you better understand your baby’s overall development.”

The HD video monitor complete with night vision, two-way audio, and temperature tracking can stream a live video of the baby straight to the app.

As long as their phones are charged, Lumi can help parents not only avoid doing the smell test, but also understand their child’s sleep and feeding patterns, too.

The price has not yet been revealed for any of the Lumi system components; however, the company expects for the diapers to be priced similarly to those already on the market when they launch later this year. – AFP Relaxnews

Source: TheStar