#TECH: Move to conserve Malayan Tapir

SHAH ALAM: The Malayan Tapir population has declined by more than 50 percent, largely due to the conversion of its habitat to palm oil plantations and other human developments.

With the aim to help conserving the tapir population, Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Canon Opto Malaysia Sdn Bhd pledge to continue their One Canon One Tree initiative, which is now in its fifth year.

Now, Canon is collaborating with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) to help conserve the Malayan Tapir by planting trees in their natural habitat.

With approximately 1,300 remaining, the only tapir species in Asia is now an endangered species. Most of its population exists in isolation within protected areas and small areas of forests. The Malayan Tapir, scientifically known as the Tapirus Indicus, are mainly solitary creatures. Shy and elusive, these animals can live for about 30 years and do their best to avoid large cats as they are their main predators.

This year, One Canon One Tree takes the conversation online. From Nov 2 to Nov 22, 2020, the campaign told the story of the Malayan Tapir together with MNS and netizens showed their support for environmental conversation via their comments by finishing the sentence “To protect the habitat of Tapirs, We can…” on Facebook and Instagram.

Canon will plant one tree for each unique comment made by the public on its social media pages, with the 10 best comments winning a Tapir tote bag.

Source: NST