Exabytes expects Malaysia’s digital sector to grow 20pct organically

KUALA LUMPUR: Exabytes chief executive officer Chan Kee Siak expects a 20 per cent organic growth of Malaysia’s overall cloud/digital industry.

Opportunities would arise but with many uncertainties in terms of Covid-19, vaccine effectiveness, timing to get everyone vaccinated as well as stabilising politics, Chan added.

“For businesses, digital transformation and e-commerce adoption is essential. More businesses and retails will also evolve into Omni Channel commerce or also known as New Retail, fully maximising the benefits and potentials of online business by merging it with an existing offline business.”

Chan said “2020 definitely was not as expected”.

“The Covid-19 hit the world with surprises and panicked many businesses. Very quickly, many businesses turned uncertainties into opportunities and accelerated their digitalisation journeys as well as embarked into e-commerce and digital economy.”

He added that the overall cloud/digital industry was seeing a moderate growth of around 15 per cent last year.

“New customers growth is probably higher than previous year, however it is offset against a slightly bigger churn on existing customers due to business closure or cost cutting measures.

Exabytes reportedly was founded by Chan when he was a 19-year-old college student in 2001.

The company is today one of Southeast Asia’s leading cloud and digital solutions providers.

Starting off offering only web-hosting services, it has grown over the past 19 years to include other offerings such as web security, web design, digital marketing and e-commerce services with a focus on providing solutions to SMEs.

Source: NST