Affin Hwang Investment Bank offers stock trading account service through eInvest Go

KUALA LUMPUR (July 26): Affin Hwang Investment Bank Bhd has launched eInvest Go, a fully online and seamless account opening service for clients to trade and invest in more than 900 stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia.

In a statement, chief executive officer Mona Suraya Kamaruddin said the bank has become the first investment bank in Malaysia to offer a fully online account opening service using a smart, simple and secure system that is neatly packaged in eInvest Go.

“This is a strong addition to the bank’s existing suite of investment services, using cutting-edge technology that will enable us to cater to an even wider range of investor profiles.

“This is indeed timely, given the Covid-19 pandemic and many concerns that arose throughout these tough times. With the latest introduction of eInvest Go, our clients can now have peace of mind from opening a trading account, to trading and investing online anytime, anywhere,” she said.

The investment banking arm of the Affin Banking Group said clients would be able to open both central depository system (CDS) and trading accounts simultaneously from any personal device.

It added that through eInvest Go, clients could enjoy a competitive brokerage fee from as low as 0.05% or a minimum of RM5 per trade.

Clients would then gain access to the bank’s best-in-class trading and investment management platform, eInvest, with the full range of live price quotes and trading functions, personalised products and services, premium stock screener, extensive research coverage, latest news and happenings, useful educational materials, and many more.

Source: TheEdgeMarkets