Google Ads Advanced

[HRDF Claimable]

Digital Advertising is arguably the best way to reach your intended Marketing Audience. If you or your company is still stuck in the old ways you have already lost the battle.

Traditional advertising methods are losing ground to the digital/mobile landscape as consumer habits have changed drastically in the last few years. The new generation of ‘always connected’ users means you need to have a digital strategy in place. You need to catch up with the Digital World NOW!

Learn Google Ads with us and you will have the ability to set up and launch campaigns and be confident to run these campaigns based on your business goals.


Course Fees: – RM2,650/Person. (inclusive of 6% SST) [HRDF CLAIMABLE]

Training Fee inclusive of 30 days support + Free One 3 hr workshop worth RM159

A certificate of completion will be given to participants for completing the training.

Course Details:

OMA Website

Course materials and refreshments will be provided.
The OMA reserves the right to cancel the course and fully refund the paid registration fee to the participants should unforeseen circumstances necessitate it.

A certificate of completion will be given to participants at the end of training.

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