JBN Productivity Tips #3

When you have tasks that would be better suited to a skilled expert, but you’re not ready to hire a full or part time employee, then outsourcing to a freelancer, contractor, or other professional might be a good alternative.

If your biggest objection is price, consider this:

How much money could you be making if you fully focused on the things you do best for your business, and leave the rest to others?

So instead of you spending a full day trying to figure out how to design a new logo for your business, spend your day generating revenue and use a fraction of that revenue to pay a designer.

And instead of stressing about your quarterly taxes, hand that job over to an accountant.

By outsourcing, you free up your time, reduce your stress level, and ensure someone better suited to it is getting the task done.

While it may feel like a hit to your bottom line, in the long run, it gives you time to focus on the areas of your business you really enjoy working on.

Also think about the random tasks that consume too much of your time.