WiFi 6E… what difference will it make for me?

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 21 ― The new WiFi 6E wireless connection standard, opened up by the FCC last year, is rolling out. It will allow connections to take advantage of the 6 GHz frequency band, which offers more speeds and possibilities. The very first compatible devices have just been announced.

WiFi 6E is an extension of the WiFi 6 standard that appeared in 2020, the other name given to the Wi-Fi 802.11ax that succeeded 802.11ac. It promises in principle to quadruple the speeds to reach the theoretical 4.8 Gb/s. Beyond the speed, the improved range of Wi-Fi 6 also facilitates the simultaneous connection of more devices. WiFi 6E seems very promising … at least in theory.

The use of the 6 GHz band will enable even higher throughput rates, but also ever-increasing transfer volumes, less latency and more devices to be supported. Finally, in terms of security, WiFI 6E should help democratise the WPA3 security protocol, for better encryption and stronger protection of its connection.

The first certified equipment was unveiled for CES 2021, starting with the first routers from Linksys. The very first compatible smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, unveiled last week by the South Korean manufacturer. The next-generation iPhone will probably also be compatible. ― AFP-Relaxnews

Source: MalayMail