Sunway Pyramid app to feature real-time mall navigation

For those that get lost in malls often, Sunway Pyramid has unveiled a navigation feature for its app that offers real-time directions using an indoor version of Google Maps.

The company says that with over 1,000 stores housed in four storeys stretching 1.8 million square feet, getting around can be challenging.

Sunway Pyramid said it’s working closely with the Google Indoor Maps team to integrate its mobile app with Google’s map engine for the upcoming versions of the app. The feature is claimed to use Google Maps’ indoor technology and WiFi signals to accurately position the user in the building and offer step by step directions.

Sunway Malls chief operating officer Kevin Tan says that as a shopping mall that listens to its customers’ needs, the app is a way to provide peace of mind and personalised content and rewards.

The app also offers a quiz to determine the user’s shopping persona, which includes Trendsetter, Digital Genius, Family Hero, Smart Spender or Golden Groover.

This information along with the shoppers’ navigation patterns, redemption and browsing behaviour will be analysed to further personalise content so Sunway Pyramid can provide more relevant targeted promos.

Users that download and register will be rewarded with gifts like cash vouchers, makeup samples and even complimentary milkshakes.

The feature will be available in Sunway Pyramid’s mobile app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store starting April 12, while more info and a list of participating stores (for the rewards) is available on its website.

Source : TheStar