Snap finally rolls out Minis, integrated applications for the Snapchat app (VIDEO)

SAN FRANCISCO, July 22 — After virtually announcing Minis last month via its online Partner Summit in June, Snap Inc on Monday began rolling out the first Minis applications for the Snapchat app, which are “bite-size utilities” for all Snapchatters.

Yesterday, the first of Snapchat’s Minis applications announced last month began rolling out to anyone with the official app; each one — which can be created and submitted to the platform by any developer if granted permission — functions as a “bite-sized” tool or service within Snapchat that gives users access to various digital experiences.

So far, four Minis made by Snap are available and can be found within Chat: Headspace Mini, a meditation app; Let’s Do It, a tool to help groups make decisions; Prediction Master, a quiz game; and Flashcards, a study utility.

The company uses these examples to demonstrate how such apps can help Snapchatters with everyday problems, “whether it’s planning a movie night, making a deck of flashcards, or coordinating which artists to see at Coachella, Minis can bring friends together for just about anything.”

Because these small apps are built using HTML5, anyone with the Snapchat app can access and use them no matter which platform they are using. The available Snap Minis SDK helps users corral friends (and their Bitmojis) into joining their Mini.

Right now, developers can request to join Snap’s Early Access Program, which would in turn give them the opportunity to create their own Mini.

These experiences are located within Chat on the application, or can be found via the Search bar. — AFP-Relaxnews

Source: MalayMail